CB and Wolky have enjoyed a unique relationship since the brand was established in 1982.
Ever since its inception, there has been a constant flow of innovative design and development.
Wolky was originally a sandal brand. That changed radically with the development of the Roll-Moc in 1990. From that moment on, Wolky became a brand that was always in season.
Each Wolky is original from heel to toe.

For CB the styling is a starting point, a beginning that's in the air. Lasts and outsoles are the backbones of most of our developments.
Above all, these shoes need to be a joy for the wearer. That thought is reflected in every step of the design process.
The Dutch clog heritage is clearly visible in many products, including some of the sandal lines.
A good shoe is also about the feel, tactility and weight.
For CB every detail has equal importance.
In these shoes there are values that can't be neglected. They can only be 'experienced' on your feet.


Intellectual Property; "All rights to these designs belong to Wolky and are reserved".