All hands on shoes!!

Charles Bergmans Design is located in an old converted shoe factory in the Dutch countryside.
My studio is a perfect playground where inspiration, concentration and creation blend together.
Assignments usually come with restrictions. For us the challenge is always to transcend the assignment and take it to the next level.

Every design we make starts in the same way - we start from scratch by making a new last.
The next step is to translate the design into a state-of-the-art outsole model made by hand. Daphne, our model maker, is a perfectionist gifted with 'golden' hands. She can make everything. And she does!
The model making is also part of the creative process itself and has a crucial impact on the result.
Having ideas is one thing, but realizing them is something else altogether. That's why we rely on our decades of experience.
Daphne's domain.

With an open mind, inspiration is everywhere.
To me drawing is a way of thinking.
Simplicity... is so wonderfully complex.
Jet Bergmans creates a visual world around Charles's work.
Jet has always played a key role in supporting the identity of the Wolky brand in her own creative way.
We are able to focus on our design work because Suzanne takes good care of everything else.
Theo Jansen's 'strandbeest', a brilliant and beautiful object that walks with the wind.

In the creative industy we're all part of a perpetual mobile.
It will never stop.


Intellectual Property; "All rights to these designs belong to Charles Bergmans Design and are reserved".