"Bits and pieces"

Ars Sutoria, Milano. Cum-laude, 1968

CB design for Beth and Herbert Levine, New York. 1970
Winning one design award after the other gave Charles wings right from the start.
Woodies: an authentic 'form follows function' clog. Made by Versol, Tolbert. 1974
CB initiated the Stretch Walker design, a project based on a walking therapy from Nosaka, Japan. 2008
Poster designed by Joep Bergmans 1974
CB has worked for wide range of celebrated brands and companies all across the globe.

Keddo, rain boots. 2012

Samson, children's shoes. 1985

Hy-form girls shoes. 1972
Nixie Tube clock. 1973

Produced in a limited edition

Introduction Terra Plana. Jet Bergmans. 1987
An experimental 'walking object'. 1972
Photo by Bart Sorgedrager
'Verplaatsing', sculpture for the subway station Weesperplein, Amsterdam. 1979
Terra Plana flagship store, New York. 1999
'Holland' factory, Guadalajara, Mexico. 1997

"Head Over Heels", the first 3D-printed wearable high heeled shoe. A co-project, designed by Sjors Bergmans for TNO Research Institute, Eindhoven. 2006

Wolky head office, Tempe Arizona. Designed by CB. 2003

New studio Charles Bergmans Design. 2008

CB's anniversary book. 2015

'Utopia' project exhibited during the Symposium, Gorinchem, Holland. 2005
'Utopia' poster design by Sjors Bergmans

Wolky anniversary book. 2010
"Gouden Koe", Oeuvre Award. 2015


Intellectual Property; "All rights to these designs belong to Charles Bergmans Design and are reserved".